Custom Dye Projects

Give your stained, dull, or boring clothes and fabric a second chance with custom natural dyeing.  We offer black walnut, marigold/turmeric, madder, and indigo natural dyeing to spruce up these clothes and give them a second life!  For pricing information about this service email

We also do custom natural dye projects that range from restaurants, designers, artists, fashion designers, weddings, individuals, and more.  If you have a custom project, and would like natural dye services please email us or fill out the contact form below.  We can provide ombre natural dye hues, shibori, and single dip plain colors from the natural dye vat.  We specialize in indigo, madder, marigold, and black walnut dyes, but can achieve other colors as needed.  We use only 100% organic and natural dye that is safe and non-toxic.

Organic Madder Dye: Pink to Deep Red

Organic Marigold Dye: Light Orange to Deep Yellow

Organic Indigo Dye: Light to deep blue depending on number of dips

Our service includes:

  • A pre-wash, called scouring.
  • 100% organic natural dye.
  • Natural fabric, organic fabric, or GOTS fabric.
  • A pre-mordant bath using metal salts and minerals to help the dye bind to the fiber.
  • The dye, this is sometimes done multiple times to achieve the desired depth of shade.
  • A final cold wash.

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