Seasonal Natural Dye Subscription Craft Boxes!

In celebration of each season, I’m offering a limited number of Seasonal Natural Dye Craft Subscription Kits! These were inspired by the organic farming model of Community Supported Agriculture, which includes receiving a delicious and seasonally-unique box of veggies delivered to you throughout the year. Following this seasonal abundance model, each Natural Dye Kit in this subscription box will include a craft using natural dye techniques that incorporate the seasonality of this craft.

Many of you expressed so much love for natural dyeing and interest in continuing doing more with natural dyeing, that I wanted to create something you can look forward to each season with a new natural dyeing craft project delivered to your door each season.

Order form will be up until February 20th.


The Spring Box

Ships on March 21. Make your own naturally dyed silk scarves just in time for spring dress season and mother’s day. The kit will include materials for eco-printing and shibori printing using spring dye plants that celebrate and embrace the season of new beginnings and flowers.


The Summer Box

Ships on June 21st. Make your own necklaces, earrings, and jewelry using naturally dyed wooden beads that you dye yourself using a few natural dye plants included in the kit, as well as instructions on how to use food waste such as onion skins, carrot tops, and avocado stones to create lovely natural hues. This is very fun to do with kids outside during their summer break from school.


The Fall Box

Ships on the September 21. Make your own mini organic indigo dye vat and create unique shibori and ombre patterns on cotton bandanas or tea towels for your family and friends to wear. Dyeing with an organic indigo vat outside is wonderful and this activity is the perfect way to celebrate the harvest season.


The Winter Box

Ships on December 9th. In this box you will receive a variety of naturally dyed fabrics, and embroidery floss dyed with plants to create an array of colors, as well as a botanical seasonal embroidery pattern, mini wooden hoop, and needle to create your own embroidery art using all naturally dyed fabric and floss.