Natural Dye Plants

We use a variety of cultivated annual, perennial, and native plants as well as foraged plants. If you have questions about our process or the plants, email us at 

Woad (isatis Tinctoria)                                          Marigold (Tagetes patula)                                       

Woad is an indigo variety that is native to the European continent. You can find it growing as a "weed" in ditches and along roadsides in the UK, and it was traditionally cultivated as an aqua/blue color by the Celts and Vikings for blue hues.  We grow and use Woad because we operate out of the northern Midwest in the United States of America, where winters are chilly, and our summers our short, so Woad grows well for us.  Whereas the Indigo,  Indigofera tinctoria, is more commonly used and more potent, but impossible for us to grow in our region